Turkey Talk

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images-7This time of year brings so many memories to mind. I so enjoy the crisp autumn days and clear
blue skies. Leaves have turned to their beautiful autumn hues and fallen to the ground for their
winter rest. I can almost smell a pumpkin dessert in the oven.
Typically, at this time of year, we tend to reflect more on things for which we are thankful.
Gratitude journals are reviewed and pondered, as are cookbooks and recipe websites as we look
forward to the family gathering that sets the holiday season in motion.
I’ll never forget the first turkey I baked on my own. It was quite an experience. I was doing
exactly as I had seen my mother do it throughout my life. I thawed the turkey in the refrigerator,
then in the wee hours of the morning I carefully washed the bird, rubbed the skin with butter,
seasoned the big guy, and stuck him in the oven. Back to bed I went, rather pleased with my
accomplishment so early in the day.
As the hours passed, and the luscious smell of turkey began to waft through the house, I couldn’t
help but feel a little like Betty Crocker. I had prepared most of the side dishes in advance, and
was pulling them out of the refrigerator as we edged closer to dinner. The time came, the red
thingy popped out of the turkey, displaying to the world that it was done. I carefully hoisted the
roaster out of the oven. The side dishes were baked, and I was so pleased with how well
everything had turned out! I was very proud and full after eating what took me days to prepare, in
a mere twenty minutes. Oh well…the lesson really came AFTER dinner, as I was cleaning up.
Dishes were washed, leftovers were stored, and I began to tackle the remaining turkey for the
yummy turkey casseroles and sandwiches to come. Much to my surprise, hidden deep inside Mr.
Turkey, I found a lovely plastic bag. In the bag were wonderful parts I could have used in the
gravy or dressing that I apparently overlooked in my maiden Thanksgiving Day voyage. I quickly
began to deflate like a defective Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float. How could I have done
this? Negative thoughts filled my head, and I began to feel as though I had failed.
I’ve learned so much since that day. I’ve learned that negative talk in your head is taken to heart,
and you should really give yourself a break sometimes. I’ve also gathered great entertaining,
cooking, and baking tips. I’ve learned about myself and the way I work. I’ve had dinner parties
for people with no more than a few hours to prepare, and I LOVE it! Most of all, I’ve learned that
all experiences, good or bad are just that—experience.
If everything had gone perfectly on that fateful November day, when Mr. Turkey and I had our
first dance, I probably wouldn’t remember that holiday in particular. Those memories would be
stored in conjunction with all other Thanksgiving memories, with nothing specific to make it stand
out. All in all, it was a very productive day when I think about it! I created and enjoyed a
wonderful meal with my family. I learned a valuable lesson (there is a bag of stuff in the turkey, here is always a bag of stuff in the turkey…find it, remove it) all while fashioning a wonderful story
to share with the world. Not too bad for a day’s work, right?
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