Remember When Christmas Was Magical?

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Remember when Christmas was magical?  More festive?  More exciting? What happened?  Sure, you still love the holiday season, but just not so much of it.  This year plan on cutting the crazy out of Christmas!  We could all use a little elf (or two) because if your household is anything like mine, I get to do all of the planning, preparation and clean up.  However, Christmas doesn’t have to be so stressful.  Being organized and having a plan helps, but remember first and foremost you deserve to enjoy yourself too.  Start your own traditions, do what works for you.  Here are some ideas to get you started on your stress free holiday…

Let others help:  If you are having a large gathering for the holidays and someone offers to help you…TAKE IT!  Delegation is the name of the game.  You do not have to do everything yourself, and you shouldn’t.

Let it go:  Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?”  Do only what is necessary and what matters most.

Scale back:  If you are having a gift exchange at your holiday gathering, pick a theme.  This cuts down on the number of places you need to visit to purchase gifts.  For example, the theme could be, puzzles, games, music, books, etc…you get the picture.  Or, consider drawing names.  This way everyone gets and gives one big present rather than a lot of small gifts.

Don’t forget:  Remember to buy batteries for toys that require them.  There are very few stores that are open on Christmas Day and when your child is in meltdown mode because they can’t play with their new toys because you forgot to buy the batteries, you are either running out for wine or batteries.

Plan ahead:  Wrap presents as you buy them.  Don’t leave all of the wrapping until the last minute.

Don’t spread yourself too thin:  Spread your family gatherings out.  Don’t plan on seeing everyone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Adjust your expectations:  Christmas is not about being perfect.  Let the magic and wonder of the holidays create the awe.  Things don’t have to perfect to be magical…they simply have to be.

Look beyond yourself:  Do something nice for someone who won’t be having a special Christmas.  Adopt a family, invite over an elderly neighbor, visit a nursing home or volunteer for a charity.  Giving makes you feel better and puts you in the spirit of the holidays.

Now take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy yourself.magical-xmas-tree-1384338757-large-article-0

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adminRemember When Christmas Was Magical?