Helpful Hacks for a Happy Mom

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As the old saying goes, “If Mom’s not happy, no one’s happy.”  A lot of Moms interpret happiness as perfection but as Elsa would say, it’s time to “Let it go.”  It is ok to cheat and here are a few ways to get away with it.

1.  You’re not a bad Mom if you feed your child chicken nuggets or frozen pizza. They don’t need gourmet dinners every night.  Don’t worry about who’s judging you because secretly they are doing it to.

  1. Noise canceling headphones are a great investment.  No more hearing the whining…what whining?  I didn’t hear any whining…did somebody say wine?
  2. Life is not as perfect as Pinterest. There would not be an entire website dedicated to “Pinterest Fails” if it was as easy as they make it look…enough said.
  3. A clean house is not always a happy home.  It’s time to lower your standards of what clean is.
  4. Now, lower them even further.
  5. Take time for you, the laundry can wait.  (Don’t worry it will still be there tomorrow.)
  6. Hire a personal concierge to do your grocery shopping…hint…hint.
  7. “Sure, let’s get another pet. How about a snake?” Said no Mom ever!
  8. The bathroom habits of boys cannot be explained, so stop trying. Instead invest in some air freshener, Clorox Wipes and always wear your shoes.
  9. They say wrinkles show character.  Does that work for clothes?  Just say no to ironing.
  10. Did somebody say wine….?


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adminHelpful Hacks for a Happy Mom