HELP…The Best Four Letter Word.

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images-11A few years ago, on a mid-Sunday morning, I unexpectedly dropped in on a friend. Before I even rang the front bell, I caught the scent of bacon and fresh biscuits, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the fall foliage and mums lining her walk looked in the morning sun. She answered the door with a welcoming smile and ushered me in, offering me a hot cup of coffee. She looked so comfortable and relaxed that I instantly felt at home. I wanted to bottle up the entire experience and take it home.  I remember this same feeling as a child. My mother was a diligent housewife who had the luxury of staying at home and creating an amazing home for my siblings and me. As a working mother of three, I suddenly felt completely inadequate. Where did she find the time? I know she works, has three children of her own, and is an active volunteer in several community organizations. What was I missing? I had to ask her how she did it. Guess what? She had help and wasn’t afraid to admit that she needed it.

As mothers, we have the internal instinct to do it all ourselves. Our superpowers kick in. We will have an immaculate house, home-cooked meals on the table, decorate every cupcake for our two-year-olds upcoming birthday party as if we were painting the Sistine Chapel, and enjoy quality family time. Our hearts are in the right place but realistically it is all very difficult to balance. It’s time to ask for help!

Having more time with our loved one’s is just one aspect of life that inspired the FiveWows Concierge concept. Not only do I have a job that is flexible enough for me to spend time with my family, but I also allow others to do the same. Personally or professionally, we could all use a little help. It is so rewarding to see and feel a sense of relief when we provide a service to someone that will allow them to do the things that matter most in their lives. FiveWows is here to change the way you get things done.

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adminHELP…The Best Four Letter Word.