Human Resource Rates

Human resource services for up to 30 employees

Other Services:


  • Job posting
  • Conduct initial review, telephone interview, and reference checks
  • Conduct background/credential/education screenings
  • Distribute rejection letters
  • Distribute offer letters/pay plan information

Contract Renewal Services:

  • Collect, organize, and present information for annual contracts such as employee benefits, vendor contracts, commercial insurance policies, etc.

$50.00 per hour

Audits to Accounts:

  • Insurance-health, auto, property, business, etc
  • 401K
  • State required compliance

$50.00  per hour

Payroll Service:

$50.00 base fee + $10.00 per employee

FiveWows, LLC is not licensed or certified in Human Resources. We recommend contacting an attorney or Human Resource Professional regarding the legality of company documents. FiveWows, LLC is not responsible, or liable, for any claims, loss or damage resulting from the business relationship created with the Client.

*All changes, updates, and documents are to be provided by Client.

Client is responsible for set up and fees associated with the maintenance of their accounts.

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