Remember When Christmas Was Magical?

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Remember when Christmas was magical?  More festive?  More exciting? What happened?  Sure, you still love the holiday season, but just not so much of it.  This year plan on cutting the crazy out of Christmas!  We could all use a little elf (or two) because if your household is anything like mine, I get to do all of the planning, preparation and clean up.  However, Christmas doesn’t have to be so stressful.  Being organized and having a plan helps, but remember first and foremost you deserve to enjoy yourself too.  Start your own traditions, do what works for you.  Here are some ideas to get you started on your stress free holiday…

Let others help:  If you are having a large gathering for the holidays and someone offers to help you…TAKE IT!  Delegation is the name of the game.  You do not have to do everything yourself, and you shouldn’t.

Let it go:  Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?”  Do only what is necessary and what matters most.

Scale back:  If you are having a gift exchange at your holiday gathering, pick a theme.  This cuts down on the number of places you need to visit to purchase gifts.  For example, the theme could be, puzzles, games, music, books, etc…you get the picture.  Or, consider drawing names.  This way everyone gets and gives one big present rather than a lot of small gifts.

Don’t forget:  Remember to buy batteries for toys that require them.  There are very few stores that are open on Christmas Day and when your child is in meltdown mode because they can’t play with their new toys because you forgot to buy the batteries, you are either running out for wine or batteries.

Plan ahead:  Wrap presents as you buy them.  Don’t leave all of the wrapping until the last minute.

Don’t spread yourself too thin:  Spread your family gatherings out.  Don’t plan on seeing everyone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Adjust your expectations:  Christmas is not about being perfect.  Let the magic and wonder of the holidays create the awe.  Things don’t have to perfect to be magical…they simply have to be.

Look beyond yourself:  Do something nice for someone who won’t be having a special Christmas.  Adopt a family, invite over an elderly neighbor, visit a nursing home or volunteer for a charity.  Giving makes you feel better and puts you in the spirit of the holidays.

Now take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy yourself.magical-xmas-tree-1384338757-large-article-0

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adminRemember When Christmas Was Magical?

Helpful Hacks for a Happy Mom

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As the old saying goes, “If Mom’s not happy, no one’s happy.”  A lot of Moms interpret happiness as perfection but as Elsa would say, it’s time to “Let it go.”  It is ok to cheat and here are a few ways to get away with it.

1.  You’re not a bad Mom if you feed your child chicken nuggets or frozen pizza. They don’t need gourmet dinners every night.  Don’t worry about who’s judging you because secretly they are doing it to.

  1. Noise canceling headphones are a great investment.  No more hearing the whining…what whining?  I didn’t hear any whining…did somebody say wine?
  2. Life is not as perfect as Pinterest. There would not be an entire website dedicated to “Pinterest Fails” if it was as easy as they make it look…enough said.
  3. A clean house is not always a happy home.  It’s time to lower your standards of what clean is.
  4. Now, lower them even further.
  5. Take time for you, the laundry can wait.  (Don’t worry it will still be there tomorrow.)
  6. Hire a personal concierge to do your grocery shopping…hint…hint.
  7. “Sure, let’s get another pet. How about a snake?” Said no Mom ever!
  8. The bathroom habits of boys cannot be explained, so stop trying. Instead invest in some air freshener, Clorox Wipes and always wear your shoes.
  9. They say wrinkles show character.  Does that work for clothes?  Just say no to ironing.
  10. Did somebody say wine….?


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adminHelpful Hacks for a Happy Mom

Take the First Step With Confidence

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FiveWows was formed to provide opportunities and encouragement to women that made the choice to stay at home with their kids while they were young.  Our goal was to help women regain confidence to re-enter the workforce.  Our inspiration comes from first hand experience.  Our satisfaction comes from seeing them succeed.
 All three of us made the choice to change our career paths and become stay at home Moms.  I personally had a degree in Business Administration, a  great job and a lot of confidence when I made the decision. However, when all three of my kids were in school,  I decided it was time to go back to work.  As confident and strong as I was prior to staying at search-3home, I felt intimidated to jump back in the workforce, knowing how much had changed.  After making the leap and deciding we were not as out of touch as we thought, we decided to create a company that helps women make that first step.
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adminTake the First Step With Confidence

Why Would I Use a Personal Concierge for Grocery Delivery Service?

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There are plenty of reasons to have a personal concierge do your grocery shopping for you. It may seem like an added expense you do not want to tack onto your already outrageous grocery bill but the many benefits of having someone else pick up your groceries outweigh the service fee.

1) Frees up time that can be spent on something that is more important to you. The Time Use Institute states that the average person spends 41 minutes in the grocery store. This does not include the time it takes to get to the store,get home and put the groceries away. What could you do with extra time? How much is your time worth?

2) Saves money on your grocery tab by cutting out impulse purchases. Statistics show that on average 20-30% of your purchases will be on impulse. If you are not at the store you will not be tempted to pick up an unneeded item just because it was in a colorful package or looked good because you went to the store hungry.

3) Another time saving tip is to create one master grocery list. On average, 74% of the items you buy will be repeated each week. Of course you will add and subtract items on occasion but having a master list will save you time each week.

4) Keeps you on task for healthy eating and/or dieting. Think about how many items you buy at the store that is not on your diet, because it looks good. If you don’t have it in your refrigerator you will not be tempted to eat it. Your personal concierge will only buy what is on the list.

5) A good personal concierge will also find the best deals to save you time and money. Cutting coupons can save you money but can also end up costing you money. Coupons can trigger impulse buys and buying more than you need.If you have grocery delivery service they will only take the coupons for items on your list.

6) A grocery delivery service can also help busy families and traveling professionals. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a refrigerator and pantry stocked to your specifications?

7) If you have an injury or illness utilize a personal concierge to do your grocery shopping until you are back on your feet.

images-22If you love to grocery shop and want to continue doing it yourself, you can still use these helpful tips to decrease your grocery bill and save time. Who doesn’t need more time and money?

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adminWhy Would I Use a Personal Concierge for Grocery Delivery Service?

A Resolution You Can Keep

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It seems like the same thing happens around this time every year. We have parties to plan, rooms to clean and shopping to finish – all on top of our regular tasks. We often gain weight from overindulging during the holidays. We can’t make it to the gym because we are just too busy. We want to get organized. We need to get organized. Who are we kidding? We have to get organized, but with our hectic lifestyles we just cannot find enough time.

Then the New Year arrives. We start out with such high expectations. We resolve to make extreme changes to our world as we know it. It will be amazing! It will happen this year! We make a list – work out 3-4 times a week, host a family dinner once a month, get more involved volunteering, clean out closets, paint the kitchen, organize cabinets… Have you ever made a list of your resolutions? If they are reasonable and attainable goals for you then go ahead and hang them on the fridge. If not-I don’t recommend it. More often than not we will end up disappointing ourselves because of the wasted energy, money and most of all-time.

What we all need is more time. This year make a resolution you can keep. Contact FiveWows. We want to change the way you get things done. Let us handle the planning of your upcoming party – we will even take care of cleaning up – so you can take your kids on an adventure. We can get your shopping done so you can squeeze in a work out or go to dinner with that special someone. Surrender your hectic schedule to us, and spend your precious time doing what is most important to you. We will take care of the rest.

Treat yourself to the gift of time in 2015.

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adminA Resolution You Can Keep

Turkey Talk

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images-7This time of year brings so many memories to mind. I so enjoy the crisp autumn days and clear
blue skies. Leaves have turned to their beautiful autumn hues and fallen to the ground for their
winter rest. I can almost smell a pumpkin dessert in the oven.
Typically, at this time of year, we tend to reflect more on things for which we are thankful.
Gratitude journals are reviewed and pondered, as are cookbooks and recipe websites as we look
forward to the family gathering that sets the holiday season in motion.
I’ll never forget the first turkey I baked on my own. It was quite an experience. I was doing
exactly as I had seen my mother do it throughout my life. I thawed the turkey in the refrigerator,
then in the wee hours of the morning I carefully washed the bird, rubbed the skin with butter,
seasoned the big guy, and stuck him in the oven. Back to bed I went, rather pleased with my
accomplishment so early in the day.
As the hours passed, and the luscious smell of turkey began to waft through the house, I couldn’t
help but feel a little like Betty Crocker. I had prepared most of the side dishes in advance, and
was pulling them out of the refrigerator as we edged closer to dinner. The time came, the red
thingy popped out of the turkey, displaying to the world that it was done. I carefully hoisted the
roaster out of the oven. The side dishes were baked, and I was so pleased with how well
everything had turned out! I was very proud and full after eating what took me days to prepare, in
a mere twenty minutes. Oh well…the lesson really came AFTER dinner, as I was cleaning up.
Dishes were washed, leftovers were stored, and I began to tackle the remaining turkey for the
yummy turkey casseroles and sandwiches to come. Much to my surprise, hidden deep inside Mr.
Turkey, I found a lovely plastic bag. In the bag were wonderful parts I could have used in the
gravy or dressing that I apparently overlooked in my maiden Thanksgiving Day voyage. I quickly
began to deflate like a defective Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float. How could I have done
this? Negative thoughts filled my head, and I began to feel as though I had failed.
I’ve learned so much since that day. I’ve learned that negative talk in your head is taken to heart,
and you should really give yourself a break sometimes. I’ve also gathered great entertaining,
cooking, and baking tips. I’ve learned about myself and the way I work. I’ve had dinner parties
for people with no more than a few hours to prepare, and I LOVE it! Most of all, I’ve learned that
all experiences, good or bad are just that—experience.
If everything had gone perfectly on that fateful November day, when Mr. Turkey and I had our
first dance, I probably wouldn’t remember that holiday in particular. Those memories would be
stored in conjunction with all other Thanksgiving memories, with nothing specific to make it stand
out. All in all, it was a very productive day when I think about it! I created and enjoyed a
wonderful meal with my family. I learned a valuable lesson (there is a bag of stuff in the turkey, here is always a bag of stuff in the turkey…find it, remove it) all while fashioning a wonderful story
to share with the world. Not too bad for a day’s work, right?
Don’t stress yourself out with your to-do list this holiday season! There are so many ways to save
time and sanity! Let FiveWows, Kansas City’s premier concierge service get things done for you,
so you can enjoy the holiday season with a little less stress this year. Not only can we grocery shop
for your holiday dinners–we can also have your house cleaned and decorated for the season,
arrange for those holiday lights to be installed, AND get your holiday shopping done, wrapped,
and ready to go! How’s that for multi-tasking?
Surrender your hectic schedule to us. We’ll get things done, and you’ll have more time to do what
matters most to you!

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adminTurkey Talk

HELP…The Best Four Letter Word.

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images-11A few years ago, on a mid-Sunday morning, I unexpectedly dropped in on a friend. Before I even rang the front bell, I caught the scent of bacon and fresh biscuits, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the fall foliage and mums lining her walk looked in the morning sun. She answered the door with a welcoming smile and ushered me in, offering me a hot cup of coffee. She looked so comfortable and relaxed that I instantly felt at home. I wanted to bottle up the entire experience and take it home.  I remember this same feeling as a child. My mother was a diligent housewife who had the luxury of staying at home and creating an amazing home for my siblings and me. As a working mother of three, I suddenly felt completely inadequate. Where did she find the time? I know she works, has three children of her own, and is an active volunteer in several community organizations. What was I missing? I had to ask her how she did it. Guess what? She had help and wasn’t afraid to admit that she needed it.

As mothers, we have the internal instinct to do it all ourselves. Our superpowers kick in. We will have an immaculate house, home-cooked meals on the table, decorate every cupcake for our two-year-olds upcoming birthday party as if we were painting the Sistine Chapel, and enjoy quality family time. Our hearts are in the right place but realistically it is all very difficult to balance. It’s time to ask for help!

Having more time with our loved one’s is just one aspect of life that inspired the FiveWows Concierge concept. Not only do I have a job that is flexible enough for me to spend time with my family, but I also allow others to do the same. Personally or professionally, we could all use a little help. It is so rewarding to see and feel a sense of relief when we provide a service to someone that will allow them to do the things that matter most in their lives. FiveWows is here to change the way you get things done.

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adminHELP…The Best Four Letter Word.