Our Mission Statement

Fulfilling needs with integrity, class, and unparalleled service.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Wendy Baldwin

Wendy grew up in Liberty, MO, and studied History at Truman State University. Her background in managing both accounts and people has allowed her to perfect her interpersonal skills.  Wendy’s accommodating nature allows her to manage multiple tasks with ease.  Her outstanding leadership skills have proven invaluable as an active volunteer for the Special Olympics.  Anyone who knows Wendy is wowed by her wisdom, character, and ability to make anything positive.

Tina Huet

Tina grew up in the Johnson County area of Kansas City.  She is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Her limitless care and passion is evident in her most recent volunteer position as Treasurer for the Kearney School District Education Foundation.  Tina has an honest, straightforward, and fun approach to relationships and business.  Her enthusiasm for life, her dedication, her loyalty, and her diligent work ethic are just a few of her best qualities.

Our Core Values

teeterFind Life Balance

Our purpose is two-fold; to help clients complete projects by utilizing our fully vetted service provider network, and to help service providers by networking them into a service outlet and promoting their business. This dual purpose role is a win-win for everyone. Ultimately, the goal of balance is achieved, freeing valuable time to focus on more important things.

ribbonSuperior Customer Service

Our unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail make our services highly desirable for the discriminating client. We coordinate and perform all tasks with the highest degree of integrity and skill, providing a superior experience each and every time.

cupcakeTreat People the Way You Want to be Treated

Our commitment is to complete tasks to specific preferences and standards; simple, understated, classic, elegant, or over-the-top. We do things right, we do things the way they need to be done, and we treat others the way we want to be treated. Collectively, we bring considerable skills and experience to this business and our flexibility and adaptability are an integral part of our core asset.

3d_boxBe Unconventional in Approach

Our success depends on how well we take care of people. We are going to do things in a way that might seem unconventional, sometimes going against the grain. When people say, “Think outside the box.” We say, “What box?” It’s how we like to do things and it sets us apart from others.

heartBe Passionate and Make Lasting Impressions

We believe in what we are doing and why we are doing it. It’s natural for us to be positive, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, and inspiring. We are passionate about offering creative solutions and we want to help people find passion in everything they do.

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